THE GOLDEN HOOF is a REGENERATIVE SLOW FOOD FARM in Boulder, Colorado. We manage our farm holistically using methods inspired by nature’s self-sustaining ecosystems.

We raise Dexter and Jersey Cows, Clun Forest and Blue Faced Leicester Sheep and Mulefoot, Mangalitsa and Old Spot Pigs, along with Pilgrim Geese, Bourbon Red Turkeys, Golden Cascade Ducks and Barred Rock Chickens for our members/ partners/ co-owners who enjoy the bounty of what we create for them (meat, eggs and dairy) with their flerd (flock/herd). We use holistic management to ensure that our practices are always in alignment with the needs of our farm environment, our animals and ourselves. Our ruminants (animals with rumens- cows and sheep) are raised 100% on pasture being rotated as needed to maximize carbon sequestration, soil life and animal health (carbon sequestering cows) and never eat grains (which would acidify their rumens). Our mono-gastric animals (birds and pigs- animals with digestive tracts similar to ours) primarily eat sprouted and fermented foods, foods they can forage on their own, foods that we forage for them from Boulder’s plentiful waste stream, our weeds and leftover plant materials (after harvests) and leftover production from our farm like extra eggs, whey from cheese production and the waste from slaughter. These animals are eating primarily out of the waste stream in a deep bedding system where they create organic matter to feed our soil and fuel vegetable growth while creating healthy, high quality foods to meet our nutritional needs (carbon sequestering/ waste diverting/ very happy, healthy pigs). We are converting to solar power wherever we can while minimizing our power use as best we can. We use Chiweenie dogs for rodent control, an English Shepard for herding, Pyrenees dogs for predation control, ducks for garden pest control and chickens and parasitic wasps to break the fly and parasite cycles on the farm. Let’s get back to nature!



Alice Starek, Potion Master

I had chronic pain starting when I was about 10 years old. As I started doing more and more athletic activities the pain got worse. The doctors had me taking aspirin and ibuprofen in larger and larger quantities. Shortly thereafter (shockingly) I developed digestive issues. By the time I was 16 they had given me drugs to take as needed to stop my digestive function along with the ibuprofen so that I could run without getting crippling intestinal cramps.

I was thrilled to be able to continue my athletic pursuits, however the drugs completely ruined my health leading to celiac disease and other related issues. Eventually I learned to deal with my own health issues and discovered the healing powers of real foods and herbs. I developed an herbal blend which I could use topically to release the tension around my pain. As the tension released, the pain subsided. I soon learned that it also worked with injuries- they healed much faster when I used my salve on them. As I developed it I learned to make it so that it also removed skin anomalies and relieved rashes and cramps.

Jump forward 30 years and I found myself living in Boulder, Colorado where I had just lost my home and the vast majority of my possessions to the 4 Mile Fire. I found myself suffering from something like PTSD, but here I was in the cannabis capital of the country so I got myself a medical marijuana card and starting using and growing high CBD hemp. It worked. I took the CBD for about a year, and day by day I relaxed and got back to being myself. From that point forward I have been experimenting with hemp (I don’t like being high) and learning how to use it in combination with other herbs.

My husband and I are still living in and loving Boulder where we grow food for about 100 families here at The Golden Hoof along with growing herbs for my Alice’s Underground Potions. It is with great pleasure that I now have a line of products to offer you that are healthy, pure and clean and will hopefully help you in your own healing journey.


Karel Starek, Stockmaster

As a young man I thought I was invincible. I ate endless cheap carbs, never got sick and was a successful competitive swimmer. Then I developed celiac disease and alopecia by the time I was 40.

Since that time I have learned a great deal about nutrition and health, and although intensive athletic training can make you feel invincible, it is not a substitute for great nutrition.

For me, great nutrition is eating foods grown locally, in healthy soils without chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Foods that have not been irradiated, fluoridated, homogenized, pasteurized or processed in any modern way. Foods from farms. Foods grown in soils teaming with life. It’s not so much what you are eating, but the quality of what you are eating. Highly processed foods like vegetable oils, tofu and breads just don’t seem to work for me. The vast majority of what I eat now is meat, animal fats, vegetables, raw dairy and fruits and I love my diet. I am sated and happy at the end of every meal, I don’t feel the need to consume caffeine or sweeteners and I seldom have the urge to snack.

Now I’m in my 50s and my health has dramatically improved. We raise pretty much all of our own food here on the farm and I eat red meat, full fat raw dairy and lard multiple times daily- my cholesterol numbers are great- my heart scan is perfect- my colon scan is clean. My doctor may be confused, but everything seems to be working again- Praise the Lard!


To cherish what remains of the Earth and to foster its renewal is our only legitimate hope of survival.
— Wendell Berry