We choose ingredients like turmeric (instead of curcumin) everyday as we believe in whole foods with less factory style processing. In the same vein, we’d always choose a full spectrum herbal ingredient over a pharmaceutical isolate, always choose a local regenerative ingredient over a tropical or mono-cropped one, and we’d always choose to contribute to a vibrant local economy by purchasing as directly as possible from a farmer.

In addition to using TURMERIC and BLACK PEPPER to increase the bio-availability of the CBD/ CBDA in our products, we also use it for your general well being. TURMERIC is generally considered to be a super food touting such benefits as reducing inflammation, calming depression and fighting cancer and diabetes. GINGER is a close runner up to turmeric (and a close relative)- it is commonly used for digestive support and gut health along with cancer and menstrual cramps. ASHWAGANDHA is an amazing Ayurvedic herb with purported benefits from thyroid support, to anxiety suppression to (again) cancer prevention and treatment.

For our sleep blend in addition to the high CBDA hemp and the ASHWAGANDHA which are both deeply relaxing herbs, we add SKULLCAP, PASSIONFLOWER, LEMON BALM, and CHAMOMILE. Take our SLEEP TONIC one half hour before bedtime and try taking a short walk barefoot under the stars, if that’s not an option, try a warm bath or some calming music.



HELICHRYSUM is our secret weapon. This herb is not known to release tension and help heal injuries, but in our experience it does just that and it’s amazing. I’ve been using this herb since I was a teenager with chronic pain issues and it works miracles for me. Since that time I have helped myriad people use this herb to great effect for everything from pain from shrapnel injuries (it’s shocking what’s happening in the world these days) to healing a torn ligament to arthritis. We add FRANKINCENSE and MYRRH as we know these herbs to be serious anti-cancer fighters from personal experience and CLARY SAGE, CYPRESS and LAVENDER for their purported general health benefits- things like calming effects, reducing inflammation and healing burns.( If you are prone to getting burns, please buy a bottle of real lavender oil and keep it in your medicine chest. This oil will heal a burn better than anything else by a long shot.) Please click a link and check these herbs out. These are serious herbs that have been used for thousands of years for myriad medical complaints. This is where modern medicine started. Put them all together with CBD/CBDA and we think you’ve got a powerful and clean healing tool. One of our favorite uses for our topical blends is to put them on the back of our necks to help us release general tension and for nervous system support.



We put our CBD/ CBDA oil in a base of OLD TIME DISTILLING’S NATIVE VODKA, our favorite local vodka, as the alcohol helps get it directly into your bloodstream fast (while avoiding the problems inherent in oil based carriers faced by people with compromised digestive tracts). Additionally the alcohol works beautifully to allow us to infuse our other herbs directly and safely into our products. Alcohol is a traditional herbal carrier that has been used successfully by herbalists for tens of thousands of years. We add RAW HONEY from one of our favorite local farms as well. Honey is a hard ingredient to do organically as bees have such a large natural range. We have chosen not to do organic honey as that would not allow us to use a local honey and know our suppliers. Please know that our honey is sourced carefully and that the bees who make it are well tended. ALOE VERA inner leaf juice is additionally added to all of our tinctures and tonics to help you digest and enjoy them. The juice that comprises the inner leaf of the aloe plant can provide excellent digestive support. We source organic aloe vera as we can not get it locally in the quantities we need. Our final base ingredient is local organic HEMP OIL. This is not a CBD rich oil like the one we grow and produce, but a simple, raw, full spectrum “industrial hemp oil” like what you might use for cooking (although we never cook with “vegetable” oils ourselves- bring on the lard!- we find it supports our joint and skin health where vegetable oils don’t digest well for us).