We grow organically certified high-CBD hemp in Boulder County, CO and extract what’s commonly known in the industry as CBD oil (cannabidiol) using organic cold (-20 degree F) ethanol. This oil is not contained in the regular “hemp oil” you can buy from any grocery store - that oil is extracted from hemp seeds (seeds from industrial hemp plants bred mostly for fiber). CBD and other cannabinoids are mostly found in the leaves and flower of “medicinal hemp plants” grown specifically for this purpose.



We don’t normally certify our crops, but since hemp is an excellent bio-remediation crop, we do certify it to give you peace of mind. Bioremediation crops can extract toxins out of soils better than most any other plants. Hemp plants used for bio-remediation or grown with chemical inputs are full of toxic waste, so knowing where and how your hemp was grown should be of particular import to anyone looking to derive health benefits from this remarkable plant. Our hemp is grown at our farm, THE GOLDEN HOOF, in a REGENERATIVE system that builds healthy soils which never see pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The Crop is grown in the context of our perennial grass ecosystem and in rotation with animals and cover crops. We strive to work in harmony with nature and recognize that diversified perennial plants and animals are an integral part of every natural ecosystem preforming very important ecosystem functions.



We use organic alcohol as our solvent because it works to extract both water and fat soluble nutrients from the plant creating the most FULL-SPECTRUM product we are aware of. We boil off the excess alcohol at low temperatures using a strong vacuum to keep the bulk of our cannabinoids in their RAW, acid form. We produce RAW hemp products because we don't want to get high, nor do we want to be antsy. We have found the THC in decarboxylated hemp can make us feel jittery and can make some people's hearts race. However the THCA found in raw hemp is incredibly calming. THCA, the raw, acid form of THC is very calming and is not psychoactive. For people who want a full spectrum and deeply calming product or who do not react well to THC this can be very beneficial. (THC is a minor constituent of all full spectrum CBD products and has been shown to enhance the effects of CBD when they are used in tandem) Our products contain small amounts of THCA and and very small amounts of THC.



Hemp products can be confusing and different people have different needs for potency. We want our hemp CBD/ CBDA products to be as effective as possible so we aim to make them POTENT enough for just about everyone. If you have tried hemp products before that haven’t worked for you, please try one of our sample packs and give hemp another try. We don’t skimp on the CBD and we add BLACK PEPPER and TURMERIC to all of our tinctures and tonics which make the cannabinoids and other fat soluble nutrients in them much more BIOAVAILABLE. We put our CBD/CBDA oil in a base of our favorite local vodka because the alcohol helps get them directly into your bloodstream fast while avoiding the problems inherent in oil based carriers faced by people with compromised digestive tracts. Alcohol is a traditional carrier that has been used successfully by herbalists for tens of thousands of years. What's the point of making a potent product if it's in a form that your body can't use?